Fiber Optic Light Question

May 19, 2008
My pool installer put in 2 fiber optic lights in the deep end of my pool facing towards the shallow end. They are installed approximately 1 foot below the water line. I'm not sure what brand they are but the photon box installed behind my diving board is rather large. Here is my problem, the lights aren't quite bright enough to suit me. I haven't checked but I'm thinking the bulb inside of the box is a 150 watt bulb possibly metal halide. I'm curious about whether this bulb can be replaced with a higher wattage bulb and if they even make a higher watt bulb for this application. Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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Mar 30, 2007
Virginia Beach
You will need to find out what size bulb the housing is rated up to. There should be manufacturer information on the box somewhere. Call them and they should be able to give you more insight. Also some of the fiber optic companies sell a basic illuminator and then they sell an adapter that goes between the light and the fiber that distributes the light more evenly which will also make it brighter on each strand. On mine (Fiberstar), it was called a constant color port system.


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Apr 22, 2008
Central Texas
My pool came with an older Fiberstars fiber optic light system, with 3 lenses in the pool. The light from it is pretty feeble. I think the main problem is that the builder cheaped out on the actual fiber runs. The 3 bundles of fiber total only 1/2 inch in diameter where they all meet the light source. It seems to me that there should have been at least that much fiber going to EACH of the lenses in the pool. Alas, the price of upgrading to more fiber is pretty ridiculous. :(

If I could find some small lamps (that aren't also ridiculously priced) that fit into the Fiberstars fittings in the pool wall, I would just replace the whole setup.