FG or Gunite in SELA and PB recommendations

Mar 31, 2017

First post here.

So, we are going to have a pool built. Not sure if it will be FG or Gunite, but leaning towards FG. I have read and heard pros and cons of each style, as well as having been in each. The PB in my area that was recommended by family only does Gunite and is so busy it could be a month or two before they can get started on ours. I was not given a FG recommendation.

Does anyone have a PB recommendation in Southeast Louisiana, especially for FG? Like NOLA / Northshore or even Baton Rouge area? I searched online and found some but would like input from pool owners in my area.

Please feel free to give me your advice on FG or Gunite and why, as well as a PB. It is much appreciated.




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Jul 10, 2012
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The best thing you can do is to call around to installers and builders in your area. Have them come out to see your area. Ask them for their list of pools they have completed and try to go visit them. Ask them if they would use them again.

Good luck! Each kind of pool has it's own pros and cons. Know the site prep is VERY important for the FG.

Mar 31, 2017
Thanks, kimkats. I called a few today, and of the 3 I called only 1 still installs fiberglass. Not sure what's up with that.

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thanks pooldv!