FC Loss Seems High, No CC


Aug 10, 2016
Boston, MA
Hi All,

I've got a 21ft above ground pool in southern New England. Have been following TFP guidelines and have been quite successful so far. Testing with a Taylor K-2006C kit.

I have noticed lately that my FC seems to drop significantly in 1 day. Data below:
  1. 7/26 - FC=0, CC=0, Added 64oz of 12.5% Bleach (Liquid Shock)
  2. 7/26 - 6AM, FC=5, CC=0, CYA=50
  3. 7/28 - 6AM, FC=1.5, CC=0
Other Parameters taken on 7/24
  • pH = 7.8
  • TA = 100
  • CH = 120
This loss of FC seems very fast to me, although I am not positive, any thoughts? The weather has been between 75-89 the last few weeks.

The other strange thing is that I have never once had a CC reading other than 0. Although on occasion I can smell a hint of chlorine. Is it possible I had bad reagents in my test kit?

Thank you for the help!
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