favorite places to buy replacement parts/equipment?


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Nov 14, 2015
Chicagoland, IL
Before we can really get into opening our pool, we need to invest in bits and pieces of things that "walked off" with the previous owners and/or foreclosure company.

Current assessment is that we need to buy things like:
cartridge filters for jandy cl580, and o-rings? for filter housing? maybe a replacement head for the cartridges, since that looks like it has a crack?
new pressure gauges? (can't read the current gauges through the cloudy plastic)
skimmer baskets
hand rail
pool ladder
pool nets, brushes, vacuum?
pool thermometer?
replacement parts for in-floor cleaning system (paramount, gear module plus at least some of the in in floor pop ups)
Test kit ( know where to get that! ;) )

If it wasn't in concrete, or bolted to concrete, or if it was taken out for typical winterizing, it walked off.

Are there things we might need that we just don't know to look for, yet?


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
I tend to default to amazon for many general items such as nets, brushes, vacuum, thermometer, baskets, weir doors, cartridges... simply because of selection and quick shipping. Otherwise I look at local big box or home stores for these items.

tftestkits.net also has GREAT pressure gauges that are glycerine filled, meaning they are more stable and accurate and even can withstand a forgetful owner leaving them outside all winter :tongue: ... not me... no I'd never do that >_> (still remove it in the winter to help it last)

One thing that I love to have, especially for spring opening and throughout the year is a toilet brush... that's only used in the pool of course! Awesome for cleaning out skimmers, ladder rungs, around lights... lots of spots. A 4' length of 1/2" PVC. Use it and your thumb like a straw to draw water samples out from below the surface. Keeping hands dry and out of the cold water when opening is wonderful when sampling for testing. Skimmer socks are nice early in the season. Pantyhose stretched over the skimmer basket works well too!

Rails, ladders and cleaning system parts I haven't had to deal with so not much help there.


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The guys above have you covered on equipment.

Couldn't tell if you're using chlorine or a salt water generator, but buy granular CYA online. Cheapest per pound I could find.

For chlorine, watch Menards. They have a bogo sale a few times a year, and you get the equivalent of a gallon of 12.5% for $2 each.

Walmart sells baking soda in 12lb boxes in the pool section for about 6 bucks each, and borax in the laundry section for 4 bucks a box.

If you need calcium or salt, best price rotates between Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Home Depot.

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Nov 14, 2015
Chicagoland, IL
Thanks! This is a great starting point! :) The pool is set up to take chlorine tablets. There are two small white containers, so of course, we'll be skipping that unless we have to bee away for an extended period of time.