fall chlorine usage


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Apr 25, 2010
air temps have dropped to upper 40's to upper at day. Water temp is 71 degrees today.
At the urging of my wife (read that as orders) I have left the pool open last couple week but had unhooked and cleaned the liquidator and stored it. Cleaned with 5/1 muratic acid,rinsed and dried,piece of cake........
With no swimmers I'm still using 2ppm per day chlorine.I thought with the temp drop and no swimmers the use may slow. I'm getting oak leaves and acorns depositied by one giant oak overhanging the shallow end. Is the chlorine having to fight the organics from the leaf/oak deposits? It's my first year and trying to learn all I can..

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Jun 22, 2009
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THe leaves and debris is using up some but remember that the sun is still burning off some too. Once the water temp gets close to 60º the FC loss will slow down.

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