Explorer E70 vs Wave 60?


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May 22, 2018
Elmhurst, IL
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We are looking for a pool cleaner for our condo pools. We have both an indoor and outdoor pool. I called Marina Pools and Spas and was told they were out of the Wave 60 model. Margaret recommended the Explorer E70... said it was as good as a commercial pool cleaner. Anyone have experience with the E70? Would be very interested in your experience with this cleaner. I do want the ability to control the cleaner to direct it to any missed spots in the pool. The E70 has Wifi Enhanced Plus, whereas the Prowler 930W indicatesd it has Wifi. Anyone know what the difference is? Is it easy to control the cleaner to direct it to missed spots in the pool. We don't want to pay for the remote feature if it doesn't work that well. The cost difference in these two machines is $400. The E70 has the Wifi Enhanced Plus and 2 active brushes vs. the prowler which has Wifi and 1 active brush. E70 also has 36 month warranty (vs 24 month warranty for the Prowler. Any/all comments on these or any other cleaners to meet our needs are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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May 14, 2022
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We just got our Dolphin Explorer E70 a few days ago from Marina Pool & Spa. We have only used it a couple of times so far, so take this with a grain of salt. We are able to manually steer the E70 to spots we want it to catch. It does go up the wall and does scrub the waterline. So far we are pretty taken with it, however it is supposed to have “pick me up” feature, which it does have but so far we have not gotten the E70 to do anything when we try to use this feature…it might be something we are doing wrong as we are new to robots. Everything else works as shown in their videos for it and we are pleased. The WiFi works great with it. It does climb onto my sun ledge but then seems to figure out the water level is too low, so it backs up and goes off it. Not an issue as we expected it not to do the ledge.


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Aug 22, 2017
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The E70 specs look almost identical to the M600. The E70 I believe has a temp sensor which I have not seen in the M600. There are lots of threads here on the M600.

Next time you talk to Marina you might want to ask them what the difference is.
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