Error Code on Jandy Aqua Pure Salt Cell - Rewiring connector


Dec 28, 2020
Dallas tx
New to me pool. My Jandy SW Cell is throwing error code 172. Looked up the error code which is a Flow Sensor error. In troubleshooting I noticed a problem with the connector (see photo) where the sensor cable connects into the control panel. You'll see that one of the tiny wires (white) has come loose from its crimp. Also, two of the other wires have stripped and are exposed.

Hopefully I can just replace the connector but I don't know what that connector and cable are called to look them up. Can I keep the flat cable, strip each of the colored wires loose and reattach to a new connector? Not sure how I would crimp each one of those tiny wires into place as they are down inside that housing.

Or will I have to buy a whole new cable with connector assembly? I notice that the other end of the cable goes up into the salt cell itself. Haven't dug inside the cell to see where the cable goes in there.



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