Electrical, grounding and bonding issues.

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Jan 27, 2018
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Hello All,

I have made our pool off limits at the moment after my girls stated they were getting a minor shock at the steps railing (metal) and the diving board area (metal base). No issues at the metal ladder. We have no light so nothing else to consider.

Anyhow, everything is bonded at the equipment (pool timer and pumps). The pool ladder seems to be properly bonded to the equipment as continuity shows via multi meter. However, there does not appear to be continuity between the railing or diving board to each other or to the equipment.

In addition, I am getting a voltage reading of 1.5v and 2.0v at the steps railing and the diving board. The ladder shows no voltage at all. I'm not sure where this current is coming from because I turned off all of the power to the house at the entrance panel and the voltage still showed. I'm assuming it is a stray current coming from nearby whether a neighbors house or some power company equipment?

Just FYI, we have a minor pool leak at the moment so the ground at the bottom of our sloped yard is staying wet. I supposed this is contributing to the issue.

Any input.



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Apr 27, 2012
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I’m sorry no ones been able to help you resolve the mystery. Bonding is sometimes best left to an electrician with industrial experience because it can be difficult now and then to sleuth out the source of the problem.

I’ve heard tales of cases where a neighbor’s pump gone bad a mile away sent stray current to a pool.

So, my only suggestion beyond getting a pro onsite is to consider if there’s been anything new or different since last season when it wasn’t shocking people?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Is it possible that the rail and/or diving board were added after the pool was built?
If so, they were never bonded to the existing bonding loop. Even if they were installed originally, they could have still not been bonded.

The ladder most likely is bonded by the water so that's why you see continuity there.

Post a couple of pictures of the offenders :) and we'll see if we can make some suggestions as to how to bond them.


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May 18, 2017
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Try running a temporary jumper wire between the suspected parts and something you know is bonded and test again. If you determine its not bonded then you need to figure out how to tie it in permanently.