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Mar 25, 2021
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I've been following a very interesting thread on Intellicenter Programming and have a quite similar question, but specific to Easy Touch:

My pool is set up such that intake is taken from the pool only, and returns to both the pool and the spa, thus creating a spillover from spa to pool, which is great. The downside is that in order for the infloor cleaner be able to pull dirt/debris out of the spa, either I must adjust the intake actuator to pull water from both pool and spa, or put the system into spa mode for an hour during the cleaning schedule. The downside to the former is reduced spillover and less efficient suction from the spa; the downside of the latter is the heater kicks on to satisfy spa set point, thus wasting energy.

I've currently set a schedule which activates spa mode for an hour while the infloor cleaner is running, and have manually turned off heat. But this requires that guests/kids/others who want to use the spa now need to dink with heat settings to get the spa heated when desired.

Is it possible to set up another circuit or feature (spa with no heat, essentially) which I can then schedule in conjunction with the infloor cleaner?

The current setup - intake and return actuators are wired to the corresponding default EasyTouch actuator control outputs. The infloor cleaner has its own separate booster pump.
In the attached photo, return actuator on the left, intake actuator on the right, in pool mode.


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Jun 7, 2018
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Here's what I do.
  • In the Heat menu, set Spa Heat to OFF. Leave the temperature set to the desired temp.
  • In the Settings menu, set Man[ual] Heat to ON.
The effect of this is that the heater will not heat when the spa runs according to any schedule, but it will heat when someone manually engages Spa mode using the Valves (V) button on the panel or the Spa button on a remote controller. That person will not have to mess with any heat settings.
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