Dumb and Dumber here for opening


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May 21, 2008
Webb City Missouri
I was ill last year and didn't get the pool open. So it was drained and all leaves, debris is removed. I am now filling the pool, about 3/4 full, so shouldn't be much longer. I had the water tested today and here are the results. I want to use the BBB method. Pool info is in my signature.

Total chlorine 0.3
Free chlorine 0
ph 8
Tot Alkalinity 104
Adj total alk 104
tot hardness 142
The pool place recommended add 8 lbs of Total Alkalinity increaser (what is that in the BBB method.) aksi add 2 lbs of decreaser They recommended 1/2 gallon of acid and 1/2 bucket of calcium

Okay totally confused what do I need to do to use the BBB method with the above results. I went to the pool calculator but I don't understand it thouroughly.


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May 20, 2007
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First off if the water wasn't circulating or completely full, those numbers could change.

You shouldn't add what they are suggesting, your TA (alk) is fine where it is. Their advice makes no sense whatsover.

Your PH is a bit high, but as I said, that could change once the water is circulating thru the filter.

Once the pool is full and circulating for several hours, run a new test and post back here and we'll help you thru.

There is an article in Pool School that tells you how to use the pool calculator. There is another article that tells you the recommended levels for your pool.

If the new numbers come back similar, all you would need to do would be adding muratic acid to lower the PH into range, then adding chlorine to shock the pool, as well as CYA/Stabilizer (you'll need that anyway.)

So to recap, circulate, retest and post back. Purchase several gallons of liquid chlorine or bleach, as well as some stabilizer. You can buy bleach or Pool Store Shock - if you can get a good price. Stabilizer can be purchased at Wal-mart - look for the HTH brand in their pool aisle.

Hope this helps, post back if you need further clarification :)


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Jan 6, 2010
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You are going to need CYA aka stabilizer.
You are going to need FC aka bleach. (Pool Store calls it Sodium Hypochlorite or Liquid Chlorine)

Otherwise, let the stuff circulate a while and retest it. Then you won't be needing to add increaser and decreaser simultaneously. That combination is known as profit increaser.