Does liquid bleach fade vinyl liners?


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Jun 4, 2007
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I have converted from using Smart Shock to liquid chlorine-6%. My pool store told me the liquid bleach will fade my vinyl liner and make it slimy. The reason for the switch is my cyanuric acid level is still high. It has only dropped from 150 to 145 after I have emptied the water by 1/3 twice. I am open to any advise. Thanks


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Apr 4, 2007
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It can, as can any form of chlorine. The powdered stuff is worse because it will settle to the bottom if it isn't dissolved completely. Your pool store probably sells double strength bleach, but it is labelled liquid shock.


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May 7, 2007
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When added carefully, typically into the skimmer slowly, bleach will no more fade your liner than any other form of chlorine. Once it is mixed into the water chlorine is chlorine is chlorine, it doesn't mater where it came from. Over the very long term chlorine will fade the liner, just as the "shock" product they sell will, but that fading will probably only become noticable around the same time the liner needs to be replaced.

If you spill full strength bleach directly on the liner you might well have fading or other degredation. This is actually more likely with powdered "shock", because it tends to settle on the bototm.

The only thing that is going to make a liner slimey is failing to add enough chlorine, which is what tends to happen when people follow the directions pool stores tend to give.

The pool store wants your money. If you by bleach at the grocery store they won't get as much of your money. That tends to lead them to say silly things.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Chlorine is Chlorine. The pool store will try to imply that what they are selling is something different or special - its just another form (usually powdered, granuals, tablets or concentrated) of chlorine....and usually at a higher price, but not always. Shop wisely!