Does light niche need water?


Aug 14, 2017
San Antonio
I replaced my pool light fixture in the niche with the water below the light level. I have closed it back up and sealed around the light cover and niche. However, I am reading now about lights overheating and not sure if I need water in the niche to keep the light cool? Or is this mainly for the actual glass that cover the bulb?

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If your pool has the typical large bulb (i.e. 300 halogen watt), then yes, it is designed to be wet and keep the entire bulb cool. While you just happened to replace your bulb when the water was low, most have to remove the bulb when the pool is full and set it on the decking. Of course the niche floods with water as designed. There are some exceptions based on the pool (older municipal pools, dry niches with access from the outside) or perhaps the light itself (i.e. newer LEDs), but in general the water helps keep the halogen bulb cool.

Here's a good discussion from 2011: Is the niche and conduit designed to be wet?