does anyone actually LIKE doing a manual vacuum of their pool....


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Jul 7, 2014
Hope Mills, NC
Wife likes her a robot for Christmas and she waits until it's done then manually vacuums the spots it missed. For her, it's just a way to be in the pool.


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I love it. Takes me about half an hour with the Pool Blaster, I move slow and get everything. I call it my Zen time. I vac in the morning, about 930 or 10, it's relatively cool, no noise, birds singing, just a nice quiet time. Just shuffling around the pool, upper body muscles working smoothly and effortlessly, mind still.

I miss it since I've been laid up.


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Apr 30, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I vac while swimming with a snorkel mask. Its 95% swimming and 5% work. Its also Daddy quiet time.
I do it from outside with a , long pole, about once a week, as to daddy quiet time, I can relate, she is not allowed in the pool while it's being vacuumed, so I can see what is happening, without a hurricane of wave action.....

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Dec 29, 2016
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
Does anyone else actually like the process of vacuuming the pool, I mean it's an hour or so, you can relax turn your brain off, and just move the pole with the head on it back and forth, with a nice clean pool as a result.....
I never had to vacuum pool (because of the robot) I do find it relaxing to skim the pool with the net though, and the occasional brushing.


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May 1, 2020
United Kingdom
Loving the relaxed attitude on the other side of the pond!

I find vacuuming bit of a chore...
- remove solar cover
-fill vac hose with water,
-turn off skimmer, connect vac
-turn on skinner and sump off
-do the deed, grumble about the Few bits that are too heavy to vac
- reverse for the valves and tidy up
- replace solar cover

luckily my pool is semi indoor so not too much rubbish in it!

Does the blaster (hose based I think?) pick up dead insects the bottom?


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Nov 12, 2017
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I like skimming my pool. But then, I like trash day, too. And going to the dump is especially rewarding. Part zen, part OCD.


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
For me it was the great feeling of a spotless pool satisfaction after so much time hand vacuuming only to have it all destroyed by an overnight wind. Dropping in the bot solved that bad feeling and the clean still brings the same joy.
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Mar 10, 2015
Upland, CA
Vacuuming is OK without the bookends: drag out the hose, put together all the sections, fill it with water, attach the vacuum head to the pole and the hose, connect the hose to the overflow intake and then in reverse at the end. During vacuuming I often wonder if the wife and kids know I'm secretly enjoying a 45-minute respite from grown up chores :)

Brushing is what I hate. When I'm done my back hurts for a day or two. Yes, my pole extends, but if you want anything more than "barely rubbing the side" you have to use one hand to "pull" the pole towards you to apply pressure between the brush and the wall, and use the other to push the brush. The further away your pulling hand is from your pushing hand, the more pressure you can apply (thanks Archimedes). Getting pressure while brushing the deeper parts requires bending at an angle that hurts after a while.