Do I need a flow meter with a new VS pump?


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Sep 19, 2018
Battle Creek, MI
Well, I did it. I ordered a Pentair SuperFlo variable-speed pump for my 26,000-gal. in-ground pool, along with a Stenner Econ-T for chlorine injection. I also plan to do a bit of re-plumbing at the pump/filter and add an existing NG heater. I have a couple questions about flow meters. Should I have one in order to dial in exactly where I want my optimum flow to be with the VS pump and heater? And, where in-line should the flow meter go? Pre-heater or post-heater?


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May 3, 2007
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Simple answer is no. You don't need a flow meter with a VS pump.

If you are trying to get the lowest flow rate possible through the heater and still have it operate, a flow meter won't help much. Heaters may have flow rate specifications but in reality they use pressure switches to determine if water is flowing through the heater so the best way to optimize the flow rate is via trial and error. The heater will alarm if the flow rate gets too low.
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