different types of sand and cost.


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May 22, 2016
Greetings everyone. Its almost time to get the pools going in my region and am searching for sand.
Last year I had some broken fingers so over the winter I bought a new pipe and fingers. With stores closed currently due to the "virus " i have been looking online for sand. My local store had 50lbs bags for $11.99, but it seems the average online price is $26.99 a bag. I can only assume the higher price is to off set the shipping cost due to the wait?
Was hoping to get a head start on this but with retail opening in 2-3 weeks I was thinking of waiting.
What is a bag of sand going in your region is 26 bucks a bag the new 2020 price? Makes me wonder what bleach/chlorine prices will be assuming it can even be found.
Also I seen these magical "luster media"