Deck jet leaking


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Oct 4, 2017
New Lenox, IL
I have 3 deck jets around my pool. The one at the deep end has a small amount of water trickling out. There is a jandy valve controlled with an actuator that turns on all 3 jets. Then down line from that is an individual manual shut off valve for each jet. How can the jet be leaking with 2 shut off valves? Both bad?


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
The Jandy valve, if leaking, would have flow to all 3 jets (assuming each manual valve for the jet is open). If you shut off the manual valve to the jet that is leaking, then turn on the main Jandy valve to operate the other 2 jets - do you see any trickle of water in the jet that is manually isolated? If so, then you may have a faulty manual shut off. Try the same for the other jets that are not trickling. Do they have no flow when other jets are operating (indicating those manual valves are holding)?
I am thinking there could be a pressure trap between the main jandy valve and the manual valve.