Debating on phosphate removal

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Jan 24, 2017
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As the consensus of the forums is that phosphates dont matter, i believe it is still helpful to guide anyone with the best info out there. Including all the warnings and knowledge as to why not do it. Leboo has the best advice and could be made a wiki guide, because if someone is going to do the removal process, might as well have the best info as TFP always does.


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Apr 21, 2020
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Could it be amended to say "read the SDS for the cleaner you are using near the pool to confirm it does not contain phosphate"? I went and looked at the major cleaners labeled for cleaning driveways and there isn't phosphate in them anymore. But there still may be people out there that use TSP to clean concrete.

How to Clean a Concrete Patio
"Another widely used concrete cleaner is trisodium phosphate (TSP). It is alkaline, so it will not harm your concrete, but it is alkaline enough to cause skin irritation and even burns. TSP is also very bad for the environment. If it ends up in lakes and streams, the phosphates trigger an overgrowth of algae that results in a depletion of oxygen levels in the water, which can endanger fish and other aquatic life. "
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