DE filter user error


Feb 5, 2017
Prosper TX
So I back washed and then added DE powder. User error on my part and I ended up pumping a bunch of the DE powder into the pool. (Ya, I do stupid things from time to time). I have people coming over in a few hours and was wondering if I can't get the water clear by that time if the pool would still be safe to use with the DE powder in it.

thanks for any help.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Shut the pump off. Aim the returns up so the flow won't stir things up down deep. Set the vacuum in the pool. Go clean the bathrooms or something to get ready for the party and let the stuff settle as long as possible. Then start the pump and connect the vacuum and see if you can't sneak up on the DE drifts.

Also consider what I do when I vacuum. Move the valves so you empty the spa into the pool. Then when you vacuum, return the water to the spa. I can usually get the whole thing vacuumed before any water comes over the spillway. There will be no annoying currents to push stuff around, just what the vacuum itself creates.

Whatever doesn't come out is unsightly but not especially harmful. Only the dry DE powder is an inhalation hazard. There shouldn't be enough stuck on people to be a risk. If the pool was that milky looking, no one would want to get in.


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Apr 25, 2017
I just got rid of s bunch of de due to a bad gasket. I had to let it settle and vacuum it up. Takes overnight to settle out. My understanding is it's harmless to swim with. If it's mixed up for your party and you won't even know it's in there...unless there's a ton of it. if it already settled out try vacuuming it now. If your filter has s full load of de, vacuum it to waste so your pressure doesn't build prematurely.

To to be safe I would just tell everyone to not open there eyes under water. Probably over cautious but can't hurt.

Good luck.

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