DE Entering Through Jets


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May 23, 2021
Coppell, TX
Like many Texas residents, I had to have all my pool equipment replaced after the ice storm. After that work was performed, I backflushed the filter and, while replacing the DE, most of it came straight back into the pool through the jets. I had several damaged screens, so yesterday I just replaced the entire filter assembly while checking all pipes and replacing O rings. When putting in the DE, some of it came out of the jets for about 30 secs. Then I manually vacuumed the entire pool so all the DE went back into the filter. By evening, the water was crystal clear with no DE to be seen. When the pump came on this morning, I could see DE coming through the jets again, but just for the first 30 seconds. Should I be concerned, or is this normal the first few days after changing the filter assembly? Thanks.
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