CYA on the low side (purposely) but want to increase for summer


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Sep 11, 2011
Thanks to this awesome website, I've spent basically $0 in pool "chemicals" other than chlorine, acid and calcium hypo-chloride to get the pool perfectly balanced since getting the pool handed over to me in early January. The builder left me with a few chlorine pucks which I've been using sparingly and have been chlorinating via liquid chlorine/bleach. My CYA is at 20 which is on the low side and I want to get it up to about 50 as it gets warmer and our pool gets full sun for at least 10 hours during the summer since it faces west. How many 3" pucks will I need to use up for a 22.5k gallon pool to get CYA to move up 30 units? I plan on only using pucks to get CYA up while chlorinating then switch to full liquid chlorine once I hit my target CYA of about 50.