Curing Gunite in Freezing Weather


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Feb 1, 2021
I live in Dallas and we are coming up on several days of freezing temps (lows in the 20s, highs in the 30s). On the day the hard freeze arrives, our gunite shell will have been curing for two weeks with good temps (40s to 70s), with LOTS of watering. My main question is whether I should lay off the watering in the days leading up to the freeze, since water expands when it freezes. Or is it better to keep it wet and go into the hard freeze with a wet shell?


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Jan 6, 2021
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I don't know anything about gunite, but curing concrete and freeze are a very bad combo. That's why they invented powerblankets and other forms of insulators to prevent a curing project from suffering from freeze damage. I would imagine that gunite is the same and that you'll need to insulate your shell carefully with that upcoming weather.


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Sep 26, 2020
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Good question...I am supposed to be watering until Wednesday here in Houston. Was planning on having a conversation with my PM tomorrow morning asking this same question!


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Jul 21, 2013
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You can stop watering the gunite. It is good and freezing will not effect it.

The most critical time is in the first 3-4 days. There really isn't a great reason to go more than 14 days with this process.

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