CSI relation to good numbers


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Dec 20, 2015
Arnold md.
Hello all,

so pool is looking pretty good. My numbers look great but the pool math app tells me CSI is not right. What am I missing.
Also my PH is pretty stable, which is odd sice it usually has some variance throughout the day.
FC- 4
Ph- 7.6
Ch- 225
Ta- 75
Temp 55 brrr

I have added Calcium Chloride recently as the ch needed to come up. The ch was at 175.


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
There is no need whatsoever to chase CSI numbers. CSI is not even relevant in the majority of pools in this USA........it is relevant only if you are unable to maintain (most always due to high CH fill water) your pool within normal parameters.

It CAN be a useful tool if you live in the Southwest but mostly it causes abnormal heartburn to pool owners that have no need to know it.
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