couple newbie questions


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Jun 18, 2010
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Inground pool is 16x24 with right elbow 8 feet deep end 3 1/2 shallow end? Was told by couple pool peeple their guess is apx 35k gallons water.

Hayward 1hp super pump.

Should the pump run 24-7?
Pool people said yes.

My dad always likes to always play games so he shuts it off 5-6 hours per day.

Should he or shouldn't he? That is the question.

If yes, wouldn't it be better if you could have it on 5 hours or so then off 1 hour then back on for 5 hours etc.
That way it is only off 1 hour at a time but in a 24 hour period you get almost 5 hours down time per day?

Do they make hard wired timers that can do thiss kind of multiple on-off cycles per day.

Also it has a salt generator (NOT Using) right now but what are the pros & cons of using it?



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May 20, 2007
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You shouldn't have to run it 24/7. There are timers, but you shouldn't need that many cycles. You really only need to run the pump long enough to have one complete turnover of water per day. Some of the run time should be during the heat of the day, some can be at night.

One 'pro' of the SWG are its an automated way of adding chlorine daily. The cons... as long as your water is balanced I can't think of any. A con of an SWG in general is the replacement cost of the cell. How come its not being used right now?