Could use some reassurance... shotcrete in cold weather


Aug 8, 2020
Our shotcrete / gunnite (I'm not sure which) was applied two days ago when temps were in the 30s. The low that night was about 20, but our pool was tarped and we had two heaters working through the night to keep a minimum temperature.

The following day was also in the 30s, but the second night was colder, with a low of 16. The heaters ran out of fuel and did not run through the night, but the next morning, we felt the walls and they were warm; our laser thermometer registered them at about 40 degrees. Our PB arrived first thing and got the heaters running again.

We know from this forum and from general Google research that the recommendation is to shoot gunnite when temps are 40+. We also know that there's not much we can do about it at this point, so we're going to trust the PB here and hope for the best. He doesn't seem at all worried; he has been building pools for 20+ years in this cold weather / mountainous area and has a good reputation. He did add something to the mix to help cure it in the cold weather.

But since this is all new to us, I'd sure like to hear a few reassuring anecdotes from those of you whose pools were poured under similar circumstances. Did everything turn out okay?



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Jul 21, 2013
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