Correcting wrong replastering


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Jul 26, 2013
We have had a contractor renovating our pool including new concrete decks, tile and plaster. The old plaster was in poor condition so it was chipped out down to the shell, then re-plastered. I came home today very excited that our project was nearly complete knowing they finished the plaster, and was shocked to find that they applied white plaster instead of the "harbor blue" color that we had specified. The contractor has acknowledged this error and offered two options to rectify it. I've added what I perceive as the pros and cons for each one.

A. Bond plaster: Fill pool and let new white plaster cure for 30 days. After 30 days, drain pool, saw cut plaster along tile and fittings and chip out a keyway within 6 inches of cuts, apply bond coat and a 1/2 inch layer of (correct blue-colored) plaster. Pros: reduced chance of chipping out more shell concrete and potentially damaging shell (there was some structural cracking of the shell that was repaired as part of this project) from additional chipping; get to use pool now while summer wanes. Cons: unshapely lip at the keyway where the 1/2 inch plaster feathers back down to the tile face; Knowledge that the white plaster will be down there, taunting me for evermore.

B. Replace: Chip out all the new plaster down to the shell again and re-do with new entire layer of plaster. Pros: I end up with the product that was specified; don't have to re-drain the pool in 30 days; Cons: potential for damage; more summer days waiting for a swimmable pool.

It seems that Option A is better. I'd be very grateful if anyone had some insight or advice that could help me make a decision on this matter. If Option A is chosen, am I ending up with as good quality of a product as if they had done it right the first time?



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May 25, 2010
Wow what a bummer.

I personally, after just having gone through the rehab process for the first time would be leery of the first option and whether or not the new bonded plaster finish would last. I would also be concerned with how it would look where it's "feathered" at the tile line, although you really may not notice with the water level being at mid tile.

The second option is also a little scary with the possibility of damaging your new tile, creating a huge mess in your yard again and possibly losing the swim season if they suddenly become "swamped" and can't make it out to for another week. :roll:

I just had white plaster put in my pool due to my budget being blown, but the color of the water still looks very nice and blue.

Good luck with your decision.


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Jun 30, 2013
SpringHill FL
I am a contractor in the construction industry and mistakes happen. While i cant comment on option #1 option #2 will cost the pool builder substantial time and money. If you can live with the white plaster the builder should be able to live with giving you a big discount.


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Jun 7, 2011
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I wish I could offer the practical experience advice you seek but can't. We have a member here in the business who's handle is "on balance". He can tell you for sure. I think A is a bad option all around. B seems the way to go unless you can live with white and get a deep discount. You have the leverage as he stands to lose huge on a re-do.


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Jun 5, 2012
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If it were me, I would stick with the white plaster + a big discount. Of course, I have white plaster and am happy with it. As others have said, the water still appears a nice blue and I get that same comment from the many guests we have had over the years.


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Jun 7, 2011
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I love the blue hue you see with white or light colored plasters because you see the natural filtering of the light. The blue colored ones never show that as much and make the color seem an un-natural blue to me. It's a matter of taste, so I am not knocking anyone's choice. However, greens and grey colors show some astonishing blue colors.

As for this situation, it seems like it would be cheaper for the builder to give you the plaster if you were willing to have it. If you weren't, I wouldn't blame you one bit, and I would encourage you to get a complete re-do. Perhaps he could do it in the fall or winter coming up so you won't lose swim time.


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Jul 30, 2013
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I would save yourself the hassle and stick with the can always get blue next time around. White plaster looks brighter/better to me and is less likely to get blotchy and discolor over time.


Sep 9, 2011
If you will be happy with the white plaster ask the builder what its going cost him to remove and replace the plaster and then tell him to discount it by that amount and keep the white plaster, its a win win for you and him but only if you can live with and be happy with the white plaster.