Concrete equipment pad sloped or level


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Jun 2, 2016
Webster Groves, MO
I am in the middle of redoing our pool equipment pad and piping. The new pad (about 10' x 6') is about to be poured and a question came up that I hadn't considered - what should the fall be to aid in drainage? My contractor is suggesting 1/4" per foot. It seems part of the point of the pad is to make sure the equipment is level, but it also makes sense to want it to shed water. What's everyone's opinion on a level or sloped pad?



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Mar 15, 2016
Easley, SC
For a small pad level would probably be ok. Your pad is on the larger side or I would personally want it sloped. I just poured my pad, only a 3' x 6' and I made it slope 1/4" in the 3' direction just so water doesnt puddle.


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Oct 7, 2016
My pad is sloped because it is part of the patio poured next to the house. The components don't care if they are a few degrees off level. It's more important to have a solid base that isn't going to sink or tilt in a few years. If I did a new 10 x 6 pad I would probably put some slope on it, especially if it is near the house.