Concern with color of pop up heads


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Jul 14, 2021
We are getting our plaster pool refinished (earlier than anticipated, at only 12 years old, due to cracks) and want to reuse our pop up heads which are in perfect working order. Our pool company has no problem with it except they have a concern with the fact they are white. We are going with Hokitika Gorge Mini Pebble so we can get the beautiful turquoise Caribbean color. (Our last finish was a pale pale blue plaster quartz and the white heads blended just fine.) To change the heads to light gray, it’s thousands of dollars, about 30% more than what we are already paying, because the collars have to be changed out AND because we have 23 pop up heads. Are we making a huge mistake in leaving them white to save the money? Are they going to stand out so much that we will really wish we had changed to light gray? Hokitika Gorge is such a new color that it’s hard to see any examples. Would love to hear if anyone regrets staying white. Thanks!


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Sep 14, 2022
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I would love to see the Hokitika Gorge color finish as we wanted it as well for our new pool but it's not available in our area. I don't know anything about the pop ups though.
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