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May 4, 2022
Indianapolis, IN
Is there a test out there that ONLY measures Combined Chlorine? I am currently using the Taylor K-2006C test kit and am having trouble pinning down an exact combined chlorine number. When I test using 10mls in which 1 drop = 0.5ppm, the combined chlorine reagent does turn sample to a slight pink and goes clear after adding 1 drop which would indicate a combined chlorine of 0.5ppm or less. When I tested using 25mls in which 1 drop = 0.2ppm, the combined chlorine reagent does turn sample slight pink, but never really seems to go completely clear after multiple drops.


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Jun 1, 2018
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Be careful not to let it sit or the pink will return.
Do the drops (1 drop per second) & call it.
Also clean the beaker with alcohol.
They can get dirty & give false positive cc results.
A cc of 0.5 is not a problem in an outdoor pool with adequate fc levels. FC/CYA LevelsThe sun will take care of it.
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