Colorlogic self install


Jun 17, 2010
Southington, CT
Hi, I am an extreme newbie here and have a few questions about the colored lights.

We are installing a 18 x 36 grecian pool in our backyard. I like the idea of the colorlogic lights. I think that they would look great in our pool, however we will have a somewhat dark liner and a friend suggested that we install 2 lights. My PB quoted me a price of $900 per light which to me seems outrageous. I have found these lights on line for less than half that. A standard white incandescent light is included in the cost of the pool installation. My question is, how hard is it to change out the incandescent for a colorlogic system? What about the switching and the changing light shows? Will I have to install any additional electrical or do I just basically plug in the new light and put a new controller box where the switch is?

I imagine that if I want to install two colorlogic lights I will have to have my PB install ad wire two niches. Is there anything I am missing?


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Oct 9, 2009
very easy to install just make sure the light will fit the niche. Not sure if there is a standard size or not


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Aug 20, 2009
North Central Texas
Welcome to TFP. :wave:

If you get standard Edison fixtures, using incandescent bulbs, you can just simply replace the incandescent bulbs with the LED bulbs. Make sure the lights are on the same circuit so they will synchronize. You won't need to add a transformer if you go with 120 volt. Not sure about how 12 volt initial install goes but the replacement bulbs do come in 12 volt. That is the least hassle and least expense. And yes, with a dark liner you will really appreciate, and probably need, the two lights. Even my medium blue plaster absorbs some of the light. When I replaced my incandescent bulb with an LED I had a lot more white calcium scaling on my plaster. Now that there is not as much white scale, and more blue plaster showing, :party: I can see a reduction in the "brightness" of the light from one end, where light is located, to the shallow end and side steps.