Coleman (Intex) filter vacuum attachment


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Jun 21, 2015
Belleville, Il
We recently purchased and set up a Coleman 16ft x 48" above ground pool. I am assuming it is the same as the Intex. It does not have a skimmer. I am trying to find an adapter to attach to the through-wall filter suction to attach a vacuum hose. I thought i needed the fitting in the Intex deluxe pool maintenance kit, but the fitting is way to small to screw onto the fitting in my pool. Does anyone know where I can get the fitting that I need?

Thanks for your consideration.

Apr 12, 2015
Billingsley, AL
Chet, I don't know what the through the wall fitting looks like for a coleman pool. I have an intex 16x48 and if I need to vacuum hose going I simply unscrew the cover off of the inlet and put the vacuum hose directly into the intlet. I don't lose my prime on my pump and it's enough suction to keep the hose inplace without if coming out.

drywall guy

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Jun 4, 2015
I have a coleman also and all i do is take off the debri covers on the inlet and out let.....attach vac hose to sweeper....put other end infront if outlet to prime the vac hose...while holding hose under water put end of hose into outlet and you up and running


May 23, 2013
Lacombe, LA
You have no idea how much that helps. I've had the ultimate dummy moment by forgetting to unscrew the inlet to vacuum out my pool to get it work with my sand filter.