Cloudy Water

Jun 12, 2007
I just came home from being away fro 4 days and have cloudy water. I am concerned because my FC was not that low. Not low enough to cause cloudy water. The solar cover has been on 5 days. I just took it off and added 30 oz of bleach according to the bleach calculator. Before I left I was having some problems with high TA. My TA is still high and my PH has went up some. Any suggestions what to do?
Here are all my numbers
FC 2.5
CC 0
TC 2.5
PH 7.5
TA 180
CH 110
CYA 35


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Mar 31, 2008
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If you can put in your signature (or even just in a post) the type of pool you have, it will help the 'gurus' who know pool types (that would not be me -ha!) let you know about any issues specific to your type of pool (the size, above or in-ground, vinyl or gunite, etc.)
But, I have heard that leaving a solar cover on for several days can cause cloudy water. Just my advice here, but I would run the filter 24/7 for a couple of days, like frustratedpoolmom suggested; also, take a look a the Pool School section on the Home page and look at how to lower TA. Basically, you'll add muriatic acid to get pH down close to 7.0 (see Jason's Pool Calc. in my signature to figure how much acid). This will lower your pH and get your TA low as well. To get your pH back up, you'll have to move the water...but the Pool School articles on TA can give some ideas you can use for that, hopefully. I have gotten my TA down about 30 ppm from where it was, and it takes awhile (and a few different 'dosings', but it does seem to be working).
Jun 12, 2007
Sorry, I didn't have all the info posted. I have a inground pool that is 20,000 gallons with a vinyl liner. I have been running my filter about 8 hours a day. I will try 24/7 for a while and see what happens. I will also check out the article you suggested. Thanks.


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May 20, 2007
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Yeah, I would add, if you leave the cover off and let the sun in, run the filter abit, keep the FC at "target" (see the CYA chart) you should see clarity in a day or so.

Last year upon opening my water was cloudy; I let the filter run for 48 hours and it cleared up with out me adding any chems. So sometimes it's just poor filtration.

After 24 hours try running your filter 10 to 12 hours instead of 8 and see if that prevents it.

I leave my cover on all the time, but I run my 2 speed filter on low 24/7 and that prevents alot of problems that might normall occur. A 1 speed filter should not necessarily be run 24/7 long term, you risk burning out the pump.


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May 7, 2007
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Bump your FC level up with a little extra chlorine and that will probably take care of it. With CYA at 35, FC at 2.5 is right on the edge of having problems. I suspect the FC level got just to the boundary of almost getting algae and a little extra chlorine will take care of it. If it gets any worse you should shock the pool, but I suspect it will get better from here.