Cleaning and re-grouting tile line


May 22, 2020
Orlando, FL
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The grout is cracking and turning black in some places and I just now, for the 1st time, saw some mossy on since of the tiles. I want to clean and re-grout but not sure what to use to clean out the old grout and what kind of grout to use for re-grouting. Has anyone done this? 16560206757331651815154417503401.jpg16560206757331651815154417503401.jpg


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Apr 1, 2007
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Regrouting the whole pool is quite an undertaking probably best left to a professional. I would think about that for a long time :)

I can help you reduce or possible get rid of the black though. That's black algae and grout lines are one of it's favorite place. It appears because of a CHRONICALLY low level of chlorine.

To remove or reduce it will take a spray bottle of undiluted clorox and lowering the water level below the grout lines. if you want to tackle that, we can describe in more detail but it is not a 30 minute will take you awhile. Post back if you want more info.

Your current chlorine levels will need to be raised and held raised forever or it will come back.
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