Cl/CYA chart and pool math calculator


Jul 14, 2019
Annapolis, MD
Cl/CYA chart has three initial settings: liquid-slat-and SLAM
Should one want to SLAM the pool with a CYA of 50 for example the SLAM column is "20" FC.
Now going to the Pool Math calculator and entering 20 FC a warning is given "your target is out of range" or something like that.
If the Cl/CYA chart provides a suggested FC level, why does the calculator suggest it is out out of range?
What suggestion should be given to users to resolve this seemingly contradiction? Suggested 20 FC level and Out of range warning


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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On the overview page on PM app click on the FC group. You will see a slide button for SLAM. Turn it on so app knows you will be exceeding the normal recommended ranges
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