CircuPool Customer Support


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Aug 28, 2010
FWIW - I've had a Circupool RJ30 for about a year & last week it started acting up and finally went into lock-down & tells me 'Not Genuine Call dealer". Called the guys after hours on Saturday & got their recording. Didn't leave a message just figured I'd wait until today. Well, they called me back a couple of hours later on nothing but by caller ID, worked with me until the guy determined that it was beyond him & advised me to call back today & gave the guy's name to talk to. Called this morning & talked to the guy. After explaining what I did on Saturday he told me the main board was in lock down. He then told me he would send a new board out, if I felt comfortable replacing it myself (I do). He just asked that I promptly return the defective board. I am impressed with their warranty process & attitude so far. I will report back after I receive the board, but right now I am more than satisfied with the company and their product.

Received the new control board today. It was easy to replace, was brand new, not refurbed, and a later rev level. Completely cured my problems. CircuPool has done right by me and I fully recommend them. :goodjob: