Chunk under skimmer basket - tell me what you think.


May 24, 2019
Melbourne, FL
Here's a nice clear pic of what I found UNDER my skimmer basket yesterday. I check my levels, brush, and empty the skimmer every Wednesday and Saturday. This wasn't there on Wed, at least I didn't notice itclump.jpeg.

It looks like a clump of my liner, but I can't find a missing chunk, and I don't see how a chunk like this would get UNDER the skimmer basket. It'll crumble if I play with it. I dropped it into a cup of pool water and tested the levels:
FC = 0 (water in pool is @2 b/c LOTS of rain).
CC = 2 (water in pool is @ 0).
ALK = 90ppm (same as in pool)
PH = 7.6 (same as in pool)
CH = 280ppm (water in pool is 250ppm)
CYA too low to make the dot disappear.
Out of salt strips but SWG reads 3200.

My wife was swimming yesterday and commented that the floor felt a little dusty. I felt like I could see a hint of white dust while brushing. Maybe it's related. I pulled the salt cell and it is totally clean. I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks.



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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
Yep looks like plaster but no idea how that got UNDER the basket. Is this a new built pool? I know when my pool was new I would find Pebble Tech everywhere in pool, behind return eyeballs, in basket.