Choosing a New Pool


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May 3, 2008
rock springs, wi
I am looking for a 27' round AGP over the internet. I am getting confused by the lack of consistency between the pool brands and model names, which seem to vary site to site. Anyway, I am looking for a better to best quality pool, not a discount grade pool. I like to putz around on the internet, but I have to admit that I am making no progress and getting impatient.

For some reason I have started to focus on the Tahitian model by Cantar (, the Diamond Star -unknown manufacturer (Nationwidepools and and the Blossom or Opera models by Sharkline ( or the Riverview by Artesian (Almontpools,com)

I realize that some of these are 54" walls and some are 52" walls, but I am not sure that makes any practical difference, so maybe price-wise I should stick with the 52".

Steel or resin? There seems to be no consensus as to which is better, I live in Wisconsin, so I am leary of resin's ability to withstand subzero temperatures without becoming brittle. But, realistically, I do not expect any pool to last a long time.

What do you recommend?

Is there any generally accepted pecking order for quality between the brands? Any thoughts on the pools mentioned here?


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Jul 15, 2007
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Can't give you any direct advice here but I started my AGP research by visiting a number of pool stores and listening to the sales people tell me why their pools are better than anyone else's. I learned a whole lot about steel vs resin vs aluminum, the different liners and liner installations, pumps, filters, etc.

Based on what I had learned from them and from internet reading we made a decision about the basic equipment. Then we set about finding a pool builder/installer and once we had someone we thought we could work with we gave him our spec sheet.

I actually have no idea what model or brand our pool is, I'd have to look it up. point is, we got steel sides, J-hook liner (can't remember what mil), and the pump/filtration equipment we had decided on. The rest of it is just minor cosmetics.