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Jun 11, 2013
HI, I apologize in advance, I am very new at this. We bought a house that had an existing pool that was in rough shape and we are trying to open it for the first time this year.

I am a bit confused about the chlorine tablets. I understand there are a lot of variables, but I'm just looking for some guidelines to start.

We are starting with new tap water. Among other chemicals, I've shocked the pool and added 2 3" tablets yesterday. Today the chlorine level is at about a 3 and the tablets dissolved a lot.
The package says I should use 2 tabs per week for 10,000 gallons. My pool is a 15 x 30 and probably about 13,000 gallons so roughly 2.5 pucks?

I ran the pump a lot and they were in the skimmer basket.
The previous owners left a thing that floats and has holes on the side that can be adjusted.
1. Should I use that instead of putting them in the skimmer basket? If so, should holes be fully opened or halfway opened?
2. Should I use one at a time from now on?
3. Do I add another when the first is almost fully dissolved or halfway dissolved?
4. How often should i test?

I only have test strips that test ph, chlorine, alkalinity, and stabilizer, but they were all in the normal range today

I still need to add cal plus today and tomorrow and then chlorine stabilizer a day after that.

I haven't created a signature yet, but I live in Massachusetts and have a sand filter.

Thank you!!


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Apr 27, 2013
Central Massachusetts
Hi, welcome to the forum!

All the answers you seek are in Pool School (follow the link at the top of the home page). You'll quickly learn that tablets are frowned on around here because they add CYA (stabilizer) to the pool and once you add CYA you cannot remove it without draining and replacing water from the pool.

You'll also be hit up for test results from a reliable test kit. Test every day while you are learning how to care for your pool and then you can relax after that (supposedly, I haven't had to care for a pool yet!)