Chlorine Consumption For The Last Year


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
Things have been slow around the homestead today so I thought I would do some figuring about how much chlorine I have used to date. My numbers run from March 2019 until today. For the year, I have used 67 gallons of chlorine. The "pool season" dictated the most use at 58 gallons (Mar '19 through Oct '19). All in all, I was pretty surprised at the relative small amount I used (I think?) considering we leave the pool open year round and it gets pretty darn warm in the summer. Price wise, chlorine cost me less than $200 for the entire year. Thanks to the good advice here, no SLAM was required. :)
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May 23, 2015
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When you factor in utility and water costs (assuming you pay for water) plus toys, test kit chemicals, etc, it probably barely breaks $500. Some people spend that much in two trips to the pool store and “pool guys” can easily run $1000 per season. TFP saves ....

Just a heads up - not sure what you’re tracking data with but the Pool Math App tracks chlorine usage by gallon and by FC added as well as other chemical additions. It also lets you keep track of expenses. So if one uses the App, it’s very easy to see the cost of running a pool.