Chemical controllers and SWG


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May 28, 2020
Southern california
We have a small 22000 gallon commercial pool used for swim lessons. I am looking to upgrade our equipment as right now we just have chlorine on a Rolachem.
I am looking at putting the following with questions:

Intellichem controller
-will have 2 pumps, for acid and liquid chlorine (salt water cannot be only sanitation source)
—pool guy I talked to said I could go with the residential or commercial unit. Can’t find anything about this. Is there a difference besides price?

Intellichlor SWG
-are the commercial units worth the extra money for my size pool? If not required, is having 2-3 cells beneficial? Increase longevity?

Does anyone have experience with these items working well together?Am I heading down the right path? Seems like install is relatively easy.
Thanks for any help!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

This forum is focused on residential pools and just a few people here may have commercial pool experience.

I only see one model Pentair IntelliChem Pool Chemistry Controller - 2 Pump System 522578. Not different residential and commercial versions.

For a 22,000 gallon pool one Intellichlor IC60 cell will give you plenty of chlorine generating capacity. Again, Pentiar does not have different commercial units but they do have cells that work in primary-secondary multiple cell configuration for larger pools.