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Jun 11, 2020
Waterloo, Ontario
Hi Everyone,
I'm another newbie pool owner joining the site. Just moved into a home (about 3 weeks ago) with a beautiful salt water pool (kidney shaped with a volume of 111,374 L ) that is about 12 years old and smack right into a few problems to start:
  1. Noticed water level was dropping over night. Figured out that it was a leak in the liner that finally got repaired today (so fingers crossed it holds up and that one spot was the only spot). Liner is original so we were planning on replacing at the beginning of next season, so just want to get through this season.
  2. Hayward Aquarite system was failing to chlorinate and reading salt levels below tested levels and COLD temp despite water temp being above 78F. Inspect Cell and Check Salt lights are always lit and Volts on display was around 31V and amps was 0. Read some online posts about replacing current limiter on circuit board, which I also tried today but that didn't solve the issue. Tried cleaning the cell earlier as well to remove some buildup and that also did not work. Then found another online article that the 31V and 0A is common when the cell is not generating, so now thinking I'm just going to buy a new cell and hope that solves everything, unless anyone has another suggestion?
  3. Was debating switching outright back to a purely chlorine system (and not buying a new cell), but after reading the posts on this forum I think I want to stick with the salt system and avoid having to handle chlorine on a regular basis. Plus the wife likes the salt feel, though I did read that others with no SWG just add salt to get that feel.
  4. Would like to test water myself and use the online PoolMath calculator and found that most of the test kits recommended aren't available in Canada. has a Poolmaster 222605-way test kit for only $34 which is fairly cheap compared to the Taylor brand ones. Any thoughts on this Poolmaster kit? Was thinking of just picking this up to get my feet wet with testing and some salt test strips, which I think should cover all my major test needs.
Thanks in advance to everyone, looking to learn lots and hopefully share any knowledge gained with future newbies.

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Sep 27, 2016
Oshawa, ON, Canada
Welcome to the forum!
Post up your questions in the appropriate sub forum.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
Greetings from the east GTA! Getting the Taylor test kits is tough in Canada and $$$ at best. My first year I fumbled around with test strips and an OTO test kit. I managed ok but at the first opportunity to buy a better kit from the US I did. COVID has other plans at the moment and my reagents are running low so I’m being as careful as possible. In a pinch total alkalinity and general hardness tests are available locally for aquarium use and are about $15 each. The important stuff (FAS-DPD and CYA) are harder to come by unfortunately. Without good testing it’s all guessing.