Check Your Hoses


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We're filling our above ground pool right now, and I went out there to check its progress. I decided to put the thermometer back in, and immediately stepped into a rather extensive puddle around the edge of the pool.

"OH NOES!!!" I thought. " A LEAK!!! " And right where it's hard to see/fix, under the steps. I peered around, hoping I could find the leak, then noticed the water was all along the bottom. So I traced it around, and there was the outlet hose, lying on the ground, busily draining the water OUT. I put it back on, but the hose clamp needed a screwdriver to tighten. So I got DH out there to tighten it. No more leaks now!

So the moral of the story is: check your connections before the water gets that high and make sure they're TIGHT.

That is all.


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May 9, 2019
I had my intake hose back itself off the pump the other day. It was a new hose but proper size, no idea what caused it. I used some Teflon tape and tightened it up, so far so good.