CH at 950 and the white flakes


Dec 23, 2007
Phoenix AZ
Although my pool water is clear and not giving me to much trouble, I noticed over the last 6 months of so I have geen getting the white flakes on the bottom of the pool and need to clean the SWG cell almost monthly now.

My readings from last night.
PH 7.5
CYA 45
TA 70
CH 950
Salt 3900

After going through some of the older posts on high calcium it seems the best course of action is a 90% water replacement. The water coming out of the faucet tested at a CH of 200. I just wanted to make sure I was heading down the right path before I took such drastic measues.


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Jun 18, 2010
San Antonio
I also have high calcium levels in my tap water. I just completed an 85% replacement. The procedure I followed that was recommended here was to drain and refill a foot at a time. The drain each time did not take too long, the fill took hours. But it worked.


R/O is a great option for you, and you will get back much better water than what you would get from a drain and refill. PM me if you need a referral in your area.

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Jersey Devil

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Aug 4, 2007
Jackson, NJ
RO will do it but will also remove all of your other dissolved species (TA, CYA, salt). Not that draining wouldn't do the same thing, but just so you know. Sounds like you could use a softener on your water supply. Otherwise, with 200 ppm CH in your fill water, over time your pool will build up CH through evaporation unless you do a periodic drain and fill.