Central Texas rain vs my pool.


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Apr 3, 2007
Central Texas
My rant:

In the last couple of days......... and still counting, that my pool is starting to look green.
I can't even see the bottom on the deep end. Yuck Chuck!!!

I am sure its all the rain were getting here in Central Texas. I was really worried, why, why, why my pool was looking / turning green. To find out, this pool will need to be shocked!!

I just don't really want to shock it yet. Suppose to be all week/weekend were getting at least 50% rain per day. So all I have really been doing is backwash to drain my pool from over-flowing.

I am sure due to all the rain, that is why my pool is starting to turn green. For almost a year owning the pool, this is the 1st time I ever seen my pool look the way it is.

** Oh well, rant over :)


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May 24, 2007
Houston, Texas, USA
I've heard on the news about the rain/flooding up there. You near Marble Falls? Anyway, if you are getting algae, it's best to stop it now before it gets too severe.
Just my 2 ppm.


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May 21, 2007
Carrollton, TX
Is that a blue sky and shadows I am seeing in that picture? 8) That brings back memories!

Mike, I have kicked up my Aqua Rite SWCG to 60% and running the pump a little longer. It's maintaining between 4 - 6ppm pretty well now, (with CYA at 60) especially since the sun has vanished as of late!

BTW, that is a beautiful clear pool in the pic. Hope it reverts back to looking like that soon!



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Apr 3, 2007
Central Texas
Thanks all for the support :)

Well I went out today and got 6 gallons on bleach, but decided not to pour it in just yet, It states that its going to be raining all weekend long 30%-60% all weekend. So my chances of pouring this bleach maybe a waste.

As for the alge, which I was not sure in vinyl liner pools are really effected by that, what should I do for that? Thanks