Cellulose with Flocculants or Sequestrates


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Aug 6, 2008
In this link here:


The following was written:

"Flocculants or sequestrates aid in the filtration effectiveness of those filters by prematurelyloading the media to affect smaller micron filtration.

These helpers are not recommended for filters using cellulose fiber because it already naturally filters much smaller particles, in some cases down to 2 microns. The sequestering chemicals can quickly reduce water flow in cellulose fiber filters below acceptable limits, and will cause a rapid increase in filter pressure. If these chemicals are used in cellulose fiber filters, a gray jelly-like film will form on the filter grids, blocking water flow and severely reducing the filter’s effectiveness. In addition, the use of these chemicals will often cause the cellulose fiber to cling to the filter grids or cartridge, which serves to impede the backwashing/ cleaning process. Under normal circumstances, cellulose fiber will backwash completely from the filter much more quickly than traditional media"

"Mixing with D.E.

Pool operators should be aware that cellulose fiber is never to be mixed with Diatomaceous Earth filtration media. The two materials are not compatible and, if combined, will severely restrict water flow and raise filter pressure."

As I have no personal experience with cellulose does anyone have any thoughts or opinions, or better still personal experiences, especially with sand filters?

Thank you to those who respond.


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Re: Caution: Cellulose with Flocculants or Sequestrates

First, and by far the most important, there is almost never any reason to use floc or clarifier, regardless of what kind of filter you have. Second, the filter pressure goes up rapidly is a good thing, it means you are catching stuff in the filter, which was the whole point of the exercise. Calling that a negative is ridiculous. Third, straight sequestrant won't do any of the things they say. Some sequestrants include clarifier, and the clarifier might have an effect, but the sequestrant won't. Fourth, since it is easier to clean cellulose out of the filter than DE, having it be a little more difficult to get out than usual still means it is as good as DE, so hardly any problem there.
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