Can't get the Chlorine levels up

May 24, 2008
we have a 27 ft round above ground pool with a DE filter - when we opened the pool on Friday it was swamp green - after a lot of bleach and PH minus we have got the water blue - but cloudy. I have used 3+ gallons of bleach - 3 bags of shock and have 2 chlorine tabs in the filter. we have changed the DE 4 times since Friday and consistently bump the filter when the pressure gets to 20. We have brushed the bottom and the sides.

Here are the latest test results -using a stick test

Hardness 1000
Free Chlorine: 0/0
PH 6.8
Alkalinity 80
CYA 30-90

Suggestions are very much appreciated :-D we are going crazy over here trying to figure it out :shock:


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You haven't added anywhere near enough chlorine. What you've put in might have gotten you through one day. You have to hit it hard and keep it at the high chlorine level until the water clears.

Read the sticky on clearing a green pool for more information Clearing a Green Pool


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May 7, 2007
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It isn't a good idea to leave the PH below 7.0. I would raise that up to at least 7.0 right away. For everything else, what JohnT said is exactly right.