Canadian Online Pools Stores?


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Aug 15, 2007
Ottawa, Canada
I'm finding it very difficult and frustrating to find decent online pool stores that are either located in Canada or ship to Canada.

There are plenty of US online stores, but almost all of them don't ship to Canada or charge ridiculous fees and ship through UPS (brokerage fees anyone?)

So can you fellow Canucks share your precious links?

Here's what I found and used so far:

General pool stuff:
Their web site is dreadful, but they have decent prices and a decent selection... if you can find it ! I bought a pool alarm from them.

Test kits:
Only online reseller of the Taylor K2006 kit... very pricey though

Solar heating stuff:
This one is pretty good, I ordered my 4 panel system and all the controls and got good service and good prices.