Can you test cya during a slam process?


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Jul 6, 2018
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Can you test cya during a slam process? My pool was 50 on opening when I recently returned from vacation Friday the pool was clear with alot of green algae in bottom because I left pump on low because person watching it was unable to care for it. I did t want the basket getting jammed up etc. Some chlorine was added while I was away however it still went south. I started slam process of pool with FC of 20ppm and today pool is not green however still cloudy. For some reason I add chlorine to bring to 20ppm and whithin hours it's back to 12 ppm I redose but feel like I am using alot of chlorine. 6 gallons already on a 17k gallon pool. I decided to test cya and it appears it's about 20. Is this right? Can I be overdosing with chlorine or is my cya not right because I am slamming


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May 3, 2014
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The chemistry does not work that way with melamine reagent.

If you know your CYA is low, add 20 ppm stabilizer now and test in a few days.