Can you paint an AGP stainless service panel?


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Jun 21, 2019
Louisville KY
Hi, I just found out from a replacement liner installer (when my liner was replaced) that my pool has a stainless steel service panel that is still covered with a black thin film the installers (years ago) kept on. It looks really bad from the outside, black with white water staining. I searched and haven't found anything about painting this or covering it with something nicer. I have no idea what would work and if this isn't advisable. Any thoughts on how to make this look better? I can peel away 'some' of the black film but it's pretty baked on by the sun at this point. When we bought the house last year I just thought a part was 'missing' lol. Thanks,

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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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You may want to try a pressure washer. Use a nozzle that makes a fan spray and try to remove as much of the "film" as possible. You may want to take a sandpaper sponge to knock off other bits. Stainless can be painted - use a rust-oleum paint for steel (on link) from Home Depot.