Can you blow out lines with a Shop Vac?


May 4, 2016
I have a question about using the shop vac for blowing out the lines. The previous person who closed my pool used a shop vac to blow out my lines just from the skimmer hole. He said all you need to do was blow it through the skimmer hole and put the filter in recirculate mode. I only have a skimmer and 2 return lines. I tried it last month and was able to get the skimmer line bone dry but not the 2 return jets.

The person who closed my pool this year removed the backwash tube and put his blower there and then put the filter on winter mode to blow out the return water lines.

What am i doing wrong? I would like to blow the lines out like the previous pool closer since i dont have to detach/reattach the backwash line everytime i close the pool.

Is it something to do with the filter setting? Should i have put the filter on winter after the skimmer line was clear? Thanks!