Came home to half-empty pool today


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Feb 12, 2017
Austin, TX
I came home to a half empty pool today. After a mild heart attack, I discovered My Sta-Rite S8D110 had died what I can only imagine was rather dramatic death, of which the likely highlight was it pressure washing the adjacent shed for the duration of the clean cycle.

20190314_180906 (Large).jpg

Beside sharing the spectacle, I thought I'd ask if anyone here has had success dropping in a replacement for the S8D110. I hear these "death star" spherical DE filters have fallen out of favor for the more "watermelon" shaped filters. Seems the obvious choice is a Pentair ~50 sq ft DE filter to match this unit's 53 sq ft filter area and 106 GPM flow rate and reuse the multi-port, but wondering if there's a better idea floating around.


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Nov 12, 2009
WoW, The same thing happened to me last month, except I Woke Up to a 4 ft. low pool with water still spraying out. It was a 26 year old Hayward cartridge filter that split its lid in half. Replaced it with a new Hayward Swimclear from Inyopools as well as a new pump housing while I was at it. I'ts running better than ever now!